Humanity for Animals


Animals play an important role in our life. They not only make us happy and relieve our stress but studies show that people who pet animal, especially dog, live healthy and longer than those who do not. We all pet atleast one animal in our lifetime and give them same care and love as to a family member. But those animals who we do not pet get a tag of being stray and live a neglected and miserable life. We want to give them same love and care as a pet animal.

In this project, named HUMANITY for ANIMALS, our vision is to feed stray animals. Our goal is to make people compassionate to not only pets but for stray animals because HUMANITY is not only for Human Beings but for every living beings be it humans or animals. At present we daily feed a minimum of 100 stray dogs at various locations in Varanasi. Our vision is to expand this project to other stray animals like Cows etc. We, therefore, look forward to your voluntary service to spread Humanity in our society and make it a humane place for animals also.