About Humanity Trust

HUMANITY TRUST is a public welfare Trust established in Varanasi, U.P. since 2014. The idea was conceived in 2013 by young college students from various colleges and various fields of study with the aim to help those needy and helpless people who have been neglected and ignored by the society in general. We provide help to orphans, who are living a miserable life in orphanage homes, with their necessities that are not provided in orphanage homes, we celebrate festivals with them and try to bring a smile on their face and make them feel loved. We also work for peoples who are counting their last days in old-age homes with the necessities, medical facilities etc.

More importantly we try to spend some valuable time with them so that they do not feel that they are not required in this society in their last days. We work for poor people who have to beg and work hard, even in their old-age, on the roads to earn their livelihood. We try to make their life easy and liveable.

We often organize Blood Donation Camps at various places, in cooperation with IMA and other medical institutes and hospitals,

with the aim to encourage people, most importantly youngsters, for doing voluntary donation. We also aware people against myths and misconceptions regarding blood donation. Our aim and vision is to draw the attention of people towards most vulnerable, ignored and neglected class of society. We work to keep humanity alive in our society and to make it more humane.